Save up to 80% of your internet bills.

In an era where companies are migrating their operations to virtual environments, SD-WAN by VeloCloud is a solution that brings value to organizations, connecting their subsidiaries regardless of their distance, making safer and faster internet connections, reducing costs and allowing the operation of the company’s internal network without the need for intermediaries.


Organizations currently hire more than one internet connection, paying nearly 80% more than a domestic plan. SD-WAN by VeloCloud is a router that allows converting a connection with a low bandwidth into a powerful faster network, speeding up the company’s workload. It has an interface that connects organization’s entire network in a matter of minutes without needing an engineer by your side. By doing this conversion you will be able to hire a domestic network and optimize it to become a business one.

Allowing to save up to 80% of your internet expenses.


Why it’s convenient:

  • No more slow speed

    By linking internet connections to the device, it will analyze which is the fastest connection to process applications and navigate through web, giving user a better experience while perceiving how internet speed increases up to 10 times.

  • No more VPN

    SD-WAN by VeloCloud turns upside down know security protocols, creating a virtual tunnel that encrypts data from one point to another so that your information will not be vulnerable.

  • No more MPLS

    You will not need to make huge internet investments to connect your company’s networks. Now you can easily quickly link them all through a virtual platform without intermediaries. SD-WAN by VeloCloud installation requires less time compared to weeks required by a MPLS network.

What includes?

  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Router device to manage and optimize bandwidth.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Virtual interface that connects in minutes all company’s networks.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Training to operate the interface (no advanced knowledge required).
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Device installation (less time than a MPLS).
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Agreements with more than 3,000 companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) to navigate faster.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Better security protocols than a VPN.

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